Parent/Caregiver Journey

By partnering with Achieving Reunification Center (ARC), parents and caregivers have an opportunity to be stronger than before through meaningful partnerships that help them to set priorities, create achievable goals, develop action plans, honor commitments, access resources and acknowledge successes. 

Parents and caregivers with children in out of home placement may be experiencing one or a combination of the following issues: 

  • Substance use 
  • Mental health issues
  • Unemployment/underemployment
  • Inadequate housing 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Low educational advancement 
  • Criminal background 

Parents and caregivers are further impacted by the emotions of grief, anger and guilt associated with temporarily losing custody of a child. This can make it difficult to participate in meaningful planning, following through and completing tasks. 

"Although I knew I was required to go to ARC and wanted my children to return home, I was angry and depressed. I enrolled in ARC services several times but never completed. It was not until my fourth time at ARC that I completed everything in my service plan."  -ARC Parent Testimonial

ARC recognizes that reunification is a more realistic goal for parents and caregivers when staff show empathy and concern. ARC embraces an evidence based approach to practice which focuses on coaching parents to create a plan with goals that will lead to reunification and stable home environment.